I'm working with this subject. It seems that it's quite hard to get
reliable information about production of these cars. There is writings in
the net which describes what models have been imported to specific countries,
but all over productions are harder to find.

The Consul/Granada Mk1 range seems to be introduced April 1972 to replace
the famous German 17M - 26M range and the British Zodiac/Zephyr range.
At first assembly was shared between two factories - Dagenham in UK and 
Cologne in West Germany with most models being built in both locations.

The German built Consul range had 1.7 litre V4, 2.0 litre OHC "Pinto" and 2.3 
litre "Cologne" V6 engines. British built Consul range had 2.0 V4 and 2.5
litre "Essex" V6 and in Consul GT 3.0 litre "Essex" V6 engines.
Consuls were made with all four body shapes, 2-door saloon, 4-door saloon,
coupe and estate and there were available three trim levels, Consul,
Consul L and Consul GT.

The German build Granada range had 2.3 and 2.6 litre "Cologne" V6 engines
and British Granada range had 2.5 and 3.0 litre "Essex" V6 engines. Granadas 
were made with all four body shapes, 2-door saloon, 4-door saloon, coupe, 
and estate and there were two trim levels available, Granada and Granada

2.0 V4 engine discontinued September 1974. 2.0 OHC engine now fitted to
Consul and Consul L models.

April 1975 2.0 OHC engine came available on Consul L Estate, Granada XL and 
GXL Saloons. The driving position and revised suspension on all models. Gear
lever angle altered and clutch pedal brought nearer to driver. 

The Consul range discontinued October 1975.

The production was concentrated in Germany during 1976. The last UK assembled 
cars were built in July 1976. 

The Granada Mk2 introduced 1977.

The Mk2 was available with three body shapes, 2-door saloon, 4-door saloon
and estate. The new 2.8 litre carburator V6 engine replaced the 2.6 litre
engine. The 3.0 Essex V6 was replaced by 2.8i V6.