Ford Falcon XA GT '73

The Granada '78 351W+blower project

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Consul Coupe '73, my ex-car

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Lada Niva diary.


The Ford Engine Pages
The Ford V-8 Engine Workshop

--Tuning? :)

BEATERz - Chronicling Questionable Automotive Style
Bryan's Rice-Boy Page

--Something weird

Rocket Car - a great story
Wartburg 1.3 Suomeen

--What is Ford Consul and Granada anyway?

A brief history

--Ford pages in Finland

Ford Taunus 302cid '72
Hessu's pages
Ford Taunus Coupe 2.0 1975
Ford Sierra XR8 Sedan - info

--Some nice Ford Falcon pages

1972 XA GT Ford Falcon
Grand Tourer
Aussie Coupes - importers of performance Australian Vehicles
Madmaxcars.Com U.S. Importers of the Australian built Ford Falcon.
Australian Falcon Coupes - unofficial Australian Ford website
Steve's Falcon site
Ford Muscle Parts Home Page
GT Ford Performance Falcon GT Garage
Australia's Falcon 'GT' (1966-75)
The unofficial site for Ford information

--Mad Max interceptor links

Mad Max FAQ by Peter Barton. This covers a lot.
The Last Interceptor by Gordon Hayes
The Mad Max Interceptor Page
The Mad Max Memorabilia Website
Kirbydog's Max page

--Ford Consul/Granada pages

Granada 700cid
Angry Motorsport
Ford Granada and Scorpio homepage
1978 Ford Granada Convertible
Granada Enthusiasts' Club
Dan's Ford Granada Site

--Other Ford pages

Rare Spares RSP Australia
Ford Maverick Information Site
Ford Maverick / Mercury Comet (1970-1977)
The South Canterbury Zephyr and Zodiac Enthusiasts Club
The Ford Pinto Page
Introduction to the Ford Pinto